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Chris Rager-Voice Actor, Single Father and Savior of Worlds. Currently residing in Dallas, Chris Rager has been bringing you your favorite Anime and Video Game Characters Like Mr. Satan from DBZ and Mr. Torgue in the Game of the Year Borderlands 2 & 3. When not being challenged by his daughter he takes on challenging roles like Cementoss in My Hero Academia, the Principal in Assassination Classroom, as well as Dagger Morse in Show By Rock. In the future, Chris hopes to bring more excitement and explosions to more characters and opportunities!! 

Josh Martin has been the voice of Majin Buu (Fat, Evil and Kid) from DBZ and Commander Red from Dragonball since 2001, as well as memorable characters from My Hero Academia, Lupin the 3rd, One Piece, Ace Attorney and many more Funimation Productions. Josh has also written and produced short films; co-owned, operated, and performed in improv, sketch, and musical comedy troupes; and even provided body talent for Barney (the purple dinosaur) on the award winning world tour. When he’s not in the booth, he’s serving up fresh rhymes with his band mates in The Original Beastie Boys Tribute Band Rhymin’ N Stealin’.



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