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Wrestling Great Papa Stro "Maestro" Rob Kellum

Professional Wrestler, TV/Film Actor

He is known for his work on Son of Clowns (2016), 12-24 (2008) and The Invited (2014).

Trademark Phrase: "Ooh La La" ,Wing Them All!,  Come to Papa

He regularly appeared on Monday Night Nitro and WCW Thunder eventually having some success.
While in WCW, He was involved in feuds with David Flair, Norman Smiley, Buff Bagwell and Ernest Miller.  Wrestles for Independant promotions all over the US and overseas. [2005]
Wrestles for NWA Mountain State Wrestling which airs a West Virginia wrestling show that is filmed by Cucumber & Company. Also is starring in upcoming horror movies. [May 2010]
Wrestles across the US and overseas on occasion. Current actor, business owner, and trainer.
Our good friend and Comic Book Legend Roy Thomas WILL be in attendance this year.  He is the elite among comic creators and we are blessed to have him attend our show this year.  
More Artists 
Chad Bowers - comics writer, and co-founder of the Action Age Comics initiative. His credits include X-Men '92 for Marvel Comics, Down Set Fight! (Oni Press), and Subatomic Party Girls (MonkeyBrain Comics). Chad is also the co-creator and writer of the webcomics MONSTER PLUS (w/ JoJo Seames), and Awesome Hospital (with Chris Sims, and Mathew Digges). He has reviewed comics for Multiversity Comics and co-hosts The Hour Cosmic podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @chadbowers and on Tumblr at

That Godzilla Guy - Sean McGuinness

Vendors In Attendance:
Mark Foy - Everything!; Robbie White - Action Figures & Toys;  Banks Robinson - Comics;   Cosmic Rays - Comics & More; Dave Shankle , Dave Burns, Earl Shaw, Rick Fortenberry, Sam Finley - all Gold & Silver Aged Comics; Ben Godfrey Diecast & Vehicles; Scratch & Spin - Comics & Related; Heroes & Dragons - Comics & Toys; Mitch Wyatt - Toys & Pop Culture; Ron Causey - Vintage Toys; Lyn Powell - Models & Action Figures; Scott Barksdale GI Joe & Military Figures;  Wes - Tin Litho;    Jason Skipper -Star Wars, Etc;   Alice/Rich Schuelke Toys; Don & Mitch Serini - Vintage Toys;  Ken Bernard  - Action Figures;  Leah Claire Foy - Artwork & Pokemon; Rick & Dawn Carter - Comics & Buttons; Shawn Jeffcoat - Legos & Action Figures;  Land of Misfit Toys;  Brad Miller - Decals & Shirts; Marvin Pontiff - Military Collectibles; Chad Creech - Comics;  Charlie Sides - Comics; Bryan Moose - Eclectic Comics; Zo?s Clan - Action Figures; Robert Klein - Wrestling;  Mitch Little - Action Figures;  Donald Brock - Graded Comics; ; Robbie Smith - Comics,  Bill's Vintage Toys; Jim Walls - Old Comics, Apocalypse Comics; John Tischler - Past & Present Comics;   JT Riley - GI Joes, Scott Kirby - Rock & Roll, Dustin Strignano, Steve Taylor - Vintage, Micah Velila, John Rowe, Blake Stephens, Brianne Tucker, Patrick Cashwell, Mike Porto, Parts Unknown Posters, Brian Kossin - Action Figures,       


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